How to bulk upload product images to Shopify?

It is painful and boring to upload images to Shopify if you have to do this for more than 10 products. It can take a lot of time to upload all these images one by one and it is easy to make a mistake in this process and assign the wrong images to products.

We noticed this pain and decided to make Smart Image Upload app to help merchants to save a lot of time by automating this process. The only important thing is to have your image names the same as the SKU of your variants. For example, if the SKU of your product is 456743 then your image name should be 456743.jpg (extension can be any valid image extension).

If you want to assign more than one image to a single product then you can use underscore and number of positions in your images. For example, 456743_1.jpg, 456743_2.jpg, etc.

The app is integrated with Google Drive and you should put your images under some folder inside Google Drive to be able to upload them to Shopify. Google Drive provides a 15GB free storage limit, it probably would be enough for your requirements.

You can see some amazing reviews from our users. Amazing to hear people saved a ton of time as time is the most valuable thing.

You can watch the DEMO video to see how this app works step by step. Video is a total of 5 minutes but it can be a good investment for you to save hours of boring image upload tasks.



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