Export product images from Shopify

Farid Movsumov
3 min readMar 14, 2024


Exporting product images from Shopify

Exporting images from Shopify one by one can be time-consuming and boring, and you are probably wondering if it is possible to export images easily with a few clicks. The answer is definitely yes!

You can export all product images in your store or product images for specific vendors, collections, statuses, or creation dates.

All you need to do is install the Export Product Images app from the Shopify App Store into your store.

Export Product Images app on the Shopify App Store.

Modify the image file name format

Modify image file name format

The app allows you to modify the file format to export images in a compatible format with the tools used to import images. For example, many tools that allow bulk image upload can match images with variants based on SKU or barcode. We allow you to set image file names based on your preference so you can use SKU and position information. For example, if your SKU is blackdress and several images are attached to this variant, we will name them in the following format. blackdress_1.jpg blackdress_2.jpg… etc. This will allow you to import images easily to other systems.

Modify the sub-folder structure.

When you export images for several products, you can put all images under one main folder or put images inside sub-folders grouped by product. Depending on your preference, the folder name can be a product title or a product ID.

Export images by a specific vendor

It is possible to export images of products belonging to a specific vendor. To do so, enter the vendor name into the vendor filter. Below is a screenshot of how it looks inside the app.

Export product images from Shopify by vendor.

Export images by specific collection

It is possible to export images of products belonging to a specific collection. To do so, select a collection from the collection filter.

Export product images from shopify by collection

Export images of the newest products

You can also export images of products created in the last 7 or 30 days. You can also select the date range that matches your custom needs. This, for example, may allow you to export images of the newest products and use them on your social media accounts or other marketing channels.

See the product in action.

You can also watch the demo video to see the product in action before installing it in your store.

How to export product images from Shopify
Export product images from Shopify tutorial


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