Notion recently released their beta API and this is very exciting for a lot of developers who were planning to create some integrations for Notion. Being first always is a huge advantage and I also already started playing with API. In this post, I will try to share my experience with API and some example authentication code written in Laravel.

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Uploading images into products is easy if you don’t have thousands of images. What if you have thousands of image and product pairs? Imagine how many days you need!

Topics covered

1) How to upload an image into Shopify

2) What is Smart Image Upload?

3) How does Smart Image Upload work?

How to upload an image into Shopify

There are several cases and possibilities to upload images into Shopify. You may have only a few images for few products, therefore, uploading one by one will work for you. You can go to your Shopify store panel and add images into products easily. …

It is painful and boring to upload images to Shopify if you have to do this for more than 10 products. It can take a lot of time to upload all these images one by one and it is easy to make a mistake in this process and assign the wrong images to products.

We noticed this pain and decided to make Smart Image Upload app to help merchants to save a lot of time by automating this process. The only important thing is to have your image names the same as the SKU of your variants. For example, if…

I was always planning to start investing my money, and one month ago, I finally started investing because I think this is the best time to start. As a total beginner, I want to share why I decided to start now and why I decided to invest in the tech. All these are my personal opinions/predictions and not financial advice.

Why now?

Covid-19 changed many things quickly, and we started to see a totally different world. I am 32 years old, and until this year, I have never seen so many changes happened at light speed. Probably for a lot of businesses…

This weekend I spend some time learning about the Cloudflare Workers. My friends are talking about the benefits of serverless every day. That is why I wanted to try to do something serverless.

Cloudflare Workers has a low learning curve, and I deployed the “hello world” application within ~30 minutes. Documentation is good, and they have a lot of examples. If you have some basic javascript knowledge, then the rest is some googling.

I started wondering about the workers' speed as it is one of the main selling points of it. …

My project usually had around 1000 daily visitors with quite a stable graph for a long time. It was running on a $10/month DigitalOcean server (2GB memory and 1 CPU) was quite enough for that traffic. The stack of the project is LEMP and it is built with Laravel.

Bu yazıda projemizin geçtiği önemli aşamaları kronolojik olarak anlattım.

5 Kasım 2018 — Proje fikrini bulup eşimle paylaştım. Çok mantıklı geldi. Son zamanlarda izlediğimiz birkaç belgeselin de büyük etkisi oldu. Yabancı bir gezginin İstanbula gelip en iddalı olduğumuz lezzetleri (iskender, künefe, döner…) denemek yerine çok alakasız şeyleri yemesi de bizi çok üzmüştü. Ayrıca biz de seyahat ederken gittiğimiz yerlerde ne yememiz gerektiği konusunda uzun araştırmalar yapıyorduk ve böyle bir kaynağın yokluğunu hissediyorduk. Genellikle bir sürü blog vardı ama hiç biri bir topluluk tarafından belirlenmiyordu, hep kişisel tecrübeler paylaşılıyordu.

30 Aralık 2018 — Projenin MVP kısmı tamamlanmıştı. Artık yakın çevreye göstererek…

Most of my developer friends are building great software products but they have no idea how to let people know about their shiny side projects. I also always was afraid about marketing but then after learning more and getting some results, it starts to be interesting.

I want to share my experiences and techniques which I am using for marketing of my side projects to get traffic and users. My projects are mostly interactive websites and I am generating passive income with that websites. Monetization source of these websites is mostly Adsense Ads, Pro Memberships and Amazon Affiliate. Monetization part…

Travelling allows you to see the world and experience cultures that you would normally never encounter. Visiting new countries and cities opens a door to a whole new world. But travel can be daunting, especially if your destination is new. One of the most difficult aspects about travel is food. Finding good food can be extremely difficult.

What problems can you encounter when looking for good dining options during travel? Several issues can arise, but with information on restaurants and recipes, you can make educated decisions that result in delicious meals that meet your needs.


Dining out in a…

Traveling opens your eyes, broadens your horizons, it shapes you. That’s why so many people work hard to save money, to visit somewhere new, somewhere exciting.

Millions of tourists roam the world from London to Hong Kong, from Hawaii to Peru. Something magical happens when you travel, you’re never quite the same again.

Maybe you fly first class and stay in luxurious five-star hotels. Perhaps you hunt low-cost plane tickets and carry your whole life in an 80-liter backpack. Either way, chances are you arrive at a new city, country or continent clueless, naïve, and excited.

To get the most…

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